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Multifamily Office Variable Income (MOR)

  •   The model of this service is that IFG suggests to the HNWI client what to do with a particular instrument and the client makes the decision about their entire financial portfolio in Equities (local or foreign).

  • The client's profile is Variable Income and High Equity, where the client can have their funds in one or more investment banks.

  • Interaction with the customer is when he  requires it or when IFG detects an opportunity. Once a month, the client is given a consolidated statement with their investments in the different investment banks and suggestions of what changes to make and a meeting is held that can be monthly or weekly.

  • Additionally, a weekly report is delivered  to the client with the value of the consolidated financial equity.

  • The charge is only monthly fee, there is no success fee.

Semi-discretionary Trading

  • Due to the contact with local and foreign markets through the Advisory and the management of equity portfolios that IFG carries out, the Firm maintains a unique vision to see opportunities in stocks, ETFS, Currencies, Commodities and other equity assets.

  • This vision is delivered to the client through this service, which consists of "funding" an account with a part of the capital of the financial portfolio, in an investment bank where IFG suggests what to do and the client makes the decision. The objective is to generate absolute return and  it works with stop loss.

  • The charge is only success fee, there is no fixed. That is, the customer pays  only if you have won.

  • A daily report is delivered to the client.

Analyzing Data
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