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Investment Consulting: Tailored consulting in the following areas

  • Valuatin of Investment in Participations in Private equity or public companies,  Investment in Real Estate Projects (for example, office or apartment buildings, strip centers, malls, etc.),  and new business ideas (Start Ups).

  • Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Performance of Management in Investment Portfolios managed by Family Office Executives, Investment Banks for the owners or the Board of the entity, in order to give suggestions on what  changes to make  to improve performance.

  • Evaluation of the effective fees charged by Investment Banks in family portfolios.

  • Valuation of real estate assets such as Real Estate Income Assets (supermarket boxes, stores, commercial locations, etc.), Strip Centers, Malls, Real Estate Companies and others.

  • Advice on the sale of shares of closed companies with annual turnover between USD10  and 100MM.

  • In general, valuation of any financial or non financial asset.

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