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Why IFG?


IFG Capital is led by Sergio Andrews, an executive with more than 20 years of experience managing and advising local and foreign financial portfolios for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and families. Between 1999 and 2000 he worked as a Research Analyst at Latin Valores in Valparaíso (now Larraín Vial). From 2001 to 2003, he worked as the first Investment Analyst for the Family Office Bellavista S. A. where Sergio collaborated directly in the great growth of the company in those years, analyzing all kinds of local and foreign assets and also real estate (return of 27% nominal annual compound in the stock portfolio). From 2004 to 2007 he worked as Senior Research Analyst at the prestigious Management Consulting Firm McKinsey & Co. covering the requests of local and foreign teams in the areas of Corporate Finance and Financial Institutions in Chile. Between 2007 and 2008 he returned to Bellavista SA as Investment Manager. In September 2008 (in the middle of the financial crisis), Sergio decided to start the MultifamilyOffice IFG Capital where he advises HNWI. Between 2008 and 2011, he achieves a nominal annual compound return for investors of over 30%. In 2012, the company began an intense research process, migrating to a philosophy that takes all the investment experience (more fundamental), and incorporating a trading approach deepening in the quantitative area.


Additionally, Sergio has advised on private equity deals to buy companies in industries such as Health, Retail, AFPs and real estate companies, carried out evaluations of real estate and commercial development projects (such as Malls and residential developments), advised on the evaluation of the creation of several Start Ups, negotiated multiple long-term loans with local and foreign banks to finance real estate investments and financial assets, in addition to leading teams for the creation of companies.  Mr. Andrews has a degree in Commercial Engineering from the Valparaíso Business School, Adolfo Ibañez University in 1998 with a major in Finance.

IFG Capital is remunerated only by our Clients, which allows us to advise with absolute independence, being 100% aligned with their interest. 100% of the funds advised or managed by IFG Capital are in recognized local and foreign investment banks directly in accounts on behalf of the clients.

Analysing Data
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